A Cozy Cottage

My name is Donna Rewolinski, the author of the Novice Mystery Series. Novice Mystery – Ireland, Novice Mystery – Mexico, and just released, Novice Mystery – France, all published by Orange Hat’s Ten|16 Press.

I am a practicing Social Worker with a master’s degree in Social Work, and married to a veteran, now retired,  police detective. I belong to the Red Oak Writer’s Critique Roundtable, Sisters of Crime, and the Wisconsin Writer’s Association.  

Some of the life I write about I’ve lived. Some I’d like to live. Maybe in a nice little cottage, close enough to the city to visit the local Guest House for a pint and a Shepard’s Pie.


  • The thing is, I love adventure and travel. I’ve discovered I don’t need an fancy car or jewelry to make me happy, I’ve found a passport is just the ticket; a ticket to dream and live. This site is not about me, it is about that wondrous world out there that surrounds all of us and where it might lead. In my travels I have thought about who I am, who I might want to become, and who I would most like to travel with. Those people are here; my characters and travel mates that will take this journey with me